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Monday, January 6, 2014

Oracle Lighting And Their Racing Influence, Now at ShopPMLIT

Oracle Lighting Dodge Challenger with Custom Halo Rings in Headlights lamps and Fog-lights

When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans back in 2005, we were all privy to the damage caused to the city and its residents. What was not shown was the effect that the storm had on local businesses, many of which were forced to shut up shop permanently in the wake of the disaster. One company that was able to survive and thrive was Oracle Lighting. They were still relatively new on the scene when Katrina hit, which makes their rise to their current prominent level within the industry all the more impressive.

The Oracle Lighting story is not just one of survival against the odds, but is actually more about providing quality and excellent service that has been regularly recognized over their decade or so in business. Among the major highlights – pardon the pun – for the company is being included in Inc500 list of the Fastest Growing Businesses in the USA for 4 straight years. As great as those awards are, the people at Oracle Lighting would likely tell you that they are more proud of the awards they received from organizations in the state of Louisiana and the city of New Orleans.

While it would be incredibly easy for Oracle Lighting to rest on the laurels of those successes, they continue to work hard in their efforts to be the best in the business. That prompted them to open a second location in Houston, Texas, so that they can better serve their ever growing number of customers. Oracle delivers LED lighting for commercial and residential use, but the fastest growing segment has to be in the automotive department, where lighting has quickly become the must have accessory for car owners who love to upgrade their ride.

High on that list are halo lights, which create a bright ring of sorts around the existing lights on the car. Oracle Lighting offer a large number of proprietary halo kits that are widely considered to be among the brightest and best in the industry. That is really just scratching the surface of what Oracle has on offer for car lovers that want to add a unique lighting look to their vehicle. The word I already out about just how good Oracle products are, but they are now taking it to another level by taking part in a number of different racing venues, starting with the Formula Drift Series.

Aston Martin Supercharged ESX Super Vantage as seen at Oracle Lighting SEMA show booth, with Halo rings

If you are a fan of auto racing but have never experienced drifting, you are really missing out on something special. Drifting is unlike any other form of racing in that the driving style is one where the driver is forced to keep the vehicle in a position that is borderline out of control. The driver needs to oversteer the car through a turn, whilst maintaining control in a position that would cause most to simply lose it. Drift racing was featured in one of the earlier Fast & Furious movies, and has built a loyal following ever since then.

Oracle Lighting’s involvement in the Drift Racing series is their partnership with driver Dean Kearney and his Dodge Viper. Kearney is one of the younger drivers in the Formula Drift circuit, which actually makes him something of a perfect fit with the relatively youthful Oracle Lighting. Despite his age, Dean “Karnage” Kearney has been able to be successful against drivers who have a lot more experience than he does on the circuit. The native of Ireland saw some real success during the 2013 season, before finally landing 29th overall in the standings. That is a 20 place jump from the previous year, which shows that, like Oracle Lighting, he is very much on the rise. Look out for the #43 car with the Oracle Lighting decals and the amber halo lights in the upcoming 2014 season.

Oracle’s entry into the racing scene didn’t just end with the Formula Drift series, though, as they also decided to sponsor a driver and car in the NASCAR Nationwide Series. The partnership they formed here is one that was an absolutely perfect match when you consider the origins of the company and the driver involved. Oracle Lighting lent their name to the #44 car of Louisiana native Hal Martin at the Kansas Speedway last October. Martin was delighted to have Oracle part of the sponsorship on his car, and not only because of the Cajun ties that the two pair. Martin is well aware of the advances in lighting technology and is well aware that Oracle are very much at the heart of all the exciting things that are happening within the industry.

Martin was actually so impressed by what Oracle have to offer that he decided to go to the SEMA show in Las Vegas to represent the company at the event. He took his #44 Toyota Camry race car with him, which is not the type of vehicle that is generally on display at the event that is usually where concept cars go to be put on display. That said, the car helped promote the Oracle Lighting name even further, drawing attention to all the magnificent lighting option that they have on offer for enthusiasts looking to add a unique look to their vehicle.

There is no denying that being part of these different racing scenes is something that will definitely benefit Oracle Lighting over the long haul. Being able to get their name in front of thousands of racing fans who may also be looking to make changes to their cars is something that can only be viewed as positive. Oracle Lighting have come a long way since the horrors of Hurricane Katrina and are doing a great job of carrying the flag for the city of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana.


  1. I have never seen anything like these oracle lighting products. What an amazing item to utilize on fancy cars like aston martins, dodge vipers, and more. The video did a great job explaining the oracle light product.

  2. Wow! Bravo, Oracle Lighting! I've genuinely never seen anything like this in auto lighting, certainly not at my local autoparts store. The halo rings give such a nice effect, so individual and much nicer than plain old headlights and unlit wheel trims. I'd reach for my wallet, but I think I left it with my Aston Martin in my other jeans! :P

  3. One of the guys in my Corvette club has red Oracle angel eyes on his Vette. It looks completely bad a$$. He actually got them at ShopPMLIT, which is what brought me to this site. Thinking about getting some for myself.

  4. Oracle Lighting, for those of us boy racers at heart. If there's one thing I really appreciate in auto lighting, it's the unique effect the halo rings provide. While it's nice to admire how these look on the expensive out there like the Dodge Viper or the Aston Martin, it's even better to know that they can also make even the most modest car look slick. Well done Oracle!