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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Shining A Light On The Performance of Your Jeep

The Jeep is a great vehicle in its own right, but you can take its performance to new levels with some changes that won’t break the bank. It really doesn’t take much to take a Jeep to all new levels of performance, making it possible to increase mileage, horsepower, and even the ability to light the road ahead. A trip to your local auto accessories store will land you all the parts you need to spice up your Jeep.

One of the first places to start is with the air filter and intake system. You will find a massive improvement in high performance air filters over what comes standard in your Jeep. OEM air intakes aren’t designed to reduce restriction and add horsepower in the way that a cold air intake can. Making the switch to a high flow filter and air intake will improve your gas mileage, whilst also being that much easier to clean. Less time on maintenance means more time behind the wheel.

Another big difference you can make is by changing out your exhaust system and adding an aftermarket performance exhaust. Power and torque will instantly be increased, and you’ll find that you friendly Jeep develops a little bit of a menacing growl.

One thing that cannot be overlooked when looking to improve the performance of your Jeep is regular maintenance. Make sure that all of the parts and fluids that you need to operate at peak performance are topped off and working as they should will help you get the most out of your vehicle. This is especially true if you go off-roading, as there is more chance that parts could be damaged.

So far we have been speaking about performance, but a big part of that comes from driving a confident looking car. One easy way to get that look is by making some changes to the headlights. There are all kinds of different head-light options that you can add to your Jeep, from fog lights to halo light kits, all of which will help give your Jeep a unique, distinctive look.

If you are looking for Jeep lights, you may want to look at Oracle lighting when it comes times to buy. Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, Oracle have made a name for themselves by delivering top quality LED lights, halo’s, and much more. They have put together some incredible kits that are not only top quality, but also pretty easy for the average Jeep enthusiast to install.

Why would you drive the same Jeep as everyone else out there when there are so many things you can do to take it to all new levels of performance and style? Add some power and gas mileage, and don’t forget to go with some cool headlight treatments so that everyone on the road, and off, will see you coming.

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