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Monday, April 14, 2014

The 5th Generation Camaro Embraces LED Lighting

When it comes to the American muscle car category, there are few that can touch the Chevrolet Camaro in terms of pure popularity. This is a car that has been going strong since 1966, and which seems to attract even more new admirers with every new update.

The most recent change to the design marks the 5th generation of the Camaro model, and as always, it was one that was met with great anticipation. There have already been tons of articles written about the changes made to this generation, so instead of breaking it all down, let’s specifically take a look at the headlights, taillights, and other elements of the new car that have embraced the LED technology.

The new Chevy Camaro headlights definitely generated a lot of buzz when they were first put on display. Among the features that Camaro fans instantly fell in love with were the halo lights that are used in the headlight set-up. For those that are not quite sure what a halo light is, they are essentially what the name suggests, and that is a bright LED ring that circles the main head light and delivers a stunning look to any auto lighting set-up.

The main headlights are very high end HID/Xenon lights, which are traditionally found on luxury models across the world. Those lights definitely add a real touch of elegance to go with the muscle. The bottom of the front bumper is where the daytime running lights sit, and are basically there in place of fog lights. These are only on display when the main headlights are off, and do not come on when the lights are on and traveling at night.

Interior lighting is also given the LED touch, with replacement bulbs available for the dome light and interior panels. If you have ever used the standard interior lights and cussed them out for not being bright enough, making the switch to LED’s will change that forever. They are about 5 times brighter than the standard lighting and can even come in a variety of different colors to create a real sense of ambience inside the cabin. LED’s are also available around back with the taillights, making this Camaro one that you simply cannot miss on the road, either from the front or the rear.

A big part of the allure of the Chevy Camaro for many drivers is the ability to add aftermarket auto parts to make the car totally unique. Lighting kits are one way to do that, with halo lights being among the most popular additions at the moment.

Another great kit are the projector headlights that are available for the Camaro. These lights essentially light your way ahead even as you take curves. They are a great looking set of head lights, as well as being an addition that also adds a higher level of safety to your ride.

Photo credit: Oracle Lights

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