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Friday, April 4, 2014

The Scion 10 Series FR-S Just Got Personal

The Scion FR-S is a pretty great looking car in its own right, but those who love aftermarket parts will always find a way to make it better. Such was the case with Ken Gushi, a Formula Drift driver with the GReddy racing Team. He uses the FR-S for racing, but he also has one that he drives for daily use, too. Gushi decided that it was time to give his daily ride a bit of a makeover, which meant suing some of the auto parts employed by the racing team.

The first step was to install an engine parameter monitoring system, so that he could tell at a glance how the car was operating. The addition of an Info-Meter meant that Ken could easily access all the info he needed to check on the health of the engine. The next of the auto accessories to go on were KW V3 coilovers, which play a role in tightening up the suspension and reducing roll while cornering. Ken likes to go fast, so that was something of a no-brainer addition. An Evo3 cat-back exhaust system was also added, as was a GReddy intake system. The result was an extra jolt of power that was accompanied by a rather satisfying rumble.

Headlights are all the rage with aftermarket lovers these days, and ken is no different. He has long been a fan of Japanese and European spec head lights, so he pulled some strings in order to land some cool J-spec head lamps that were promptly added to the car. No sooner had all of this work been completed when Ken saw and fell in love with an FR-S 10 Series. He made the switch and stripped down the old model back to the bare bones so that he could transfer all the auto accessories that had been added to the old one over to the new. It was then that he really went to work and made more changes.

The first thing that had to be done after all the aftermarket parts had been swapped over was to have the new car completely tuned. There were still a few additions to be made, but the tuning had to be performed before those could go on. Some of the final pieces that were added included new wheels, suspension, TRD Aero fins and door stabilizers, a personalized steering wheel, and a killer sound system. One of the most important additions, though, was a GReddy oil cooler, as that really helped keep the car engine temperatures down when Ken put it through the testing phase.

While the changes made to the FR-S would be more than enough for the average driver, you have to remember that Ken Gushi is no ordinary driver. He admits that more auto parts will be making their way to his garage in the near future, and we wonder if those might include projector lights or perhaps some cool reworking of the tail lights.

Photo credit: Ken Gushi

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