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Friday, April 11, 2014

Unveiling of Audi's 2015 TT Might Just Surprise the Entire Auto World

Audi has been aware that it’s got to catch upwith BMW and Mercedes-Benz in the market place. Although they have made some major turning points, they are still trailing these other makes in the U.S marketplace. Look out though; they have cards up their sleeves with the third-generation TT and second-generation A5 along with a "potential" new luxury sedan - the A9.

Audi Has Released Their New Teaser Image of the 2015 TT :

Gearing up to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, the 2015 TT is revealing a revolutionary design that is also recognizable Audi image. With a more advanced roof design and a full length LED third brake light, this model is equipped with fender flares, tail lights and Audi's familiar characteristic lines.

Little has been revealed by Audi, but the interior features are offering some spectacular styles. A 12.3 inch digital instrument panel, a flat-bottom steering wheel with aluminum trim. The 2015 offers a slender dashboard, a revamped center console and circular air vents along with advanced climate control.

The 2015 TT will offer a 227 horsepower version of their 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The TTS will offer a 306 horsepower while the TTS-RS will have a 380 horsepower five-cylinder. Buyers will be given the option of a six speed manual transmission and a dual clutch DSG unit along with all-wheel drive.

The Exterior:

There is not a particularly big change from the last model but it looks a great deal more advanced. Its biggest difference lies in the new horizontal lines and single-frame grill which is wider and flatter. The hood is displaying four Audi rings similar to the R8 Sports car. Audi's lighting includes headlights that are more angular which gives a great style to the overall look. The custom designed Audi headlights offer a better visual ability as well as pleasing to the eye in design.

The Audi headlights and tail lights are now consisting of 12 LEDs and a turn signal that literally points in the direction of the turn. The cornering light uses navigational data to move the light into a curve before the steering wheel is turned.

The Interior:

Audi definitely believes less is more. The interior is very clean in layout because of the combination of the instrument panel and the MMI screen. Audi refers to the screen as a virtual cockpit that designers were able to come up in an impressively slender design. The sound system offers a 14 channel amplifier and 12 speakers, with door woofers illuminated by accent lights.

A great amount of detail has gone into the new Audi TTS's profile which reflects the first-generation modern classic. The design is dominated by horizontal lines, a single frame grill which is broader and offers sleeker lines.

The front wheel arch clefts the line of the hood and continues over the doors and runs horizontally through to the tail with a strong body shoulder appeal.

The multifunctional steering wheel offers a flattened rim and the airbags take up 40% less space without compromising safety and offers a much lighter airiness. Audi is taking auto parts, accessories and other luxury components very seriously.

Great Designs -- Great Accessories:

There are two different steering options for drivers to choose from. The first allows the driver multifunction activation function from the steering wheel without taking their eyes off the road. The second offers a new MMI terminal on the console.

There a two toggle switches that activate the telephone, navigational maps, radio and a media menu. You may enter destinations using a touchpad and the MMI touch recognizes personal handwriting. You may scroll through lists or zoom in on maps. These are some of the innovative car accessories found in the Audi TT.

The Audi TT is the embodiment of superior designing and top performance in a driving machine and seems to be on the road to great success. Audi believes they are making technology more controllable and easier to navigate in the perspective of the driver's experience.

The 2015 Audi TT will be marketed in Europe and the United States in the coming fall. And, hint -- hint! A convertible version will more than likely be presented later this year at the Paris Motor Show and show up on the market in 2015 as well.

If BMW and Mercedes-Benz are running ahead at the moment, Audi is closing the gap rather rapidly with the 2015 Audi TT!

Photo credit: Audi

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