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Friday, May 2, 2014

Top Car Technologies That Came From Racing

There are excellent car racing technologies that have been incorporated into production cars. These technologies have influenced the car manufacturing industries in no small measure. The aim of racing car manufacturers is to build the fastest and best performing cars. Some of the features of racing cars have been incorporated into many cars that are produced in the factory. Many components of the automobile are influenced by race technology. The ten features that top the list are discussed as follows:


Automatic transmission role play the same role whether in race or road car: it translates the power of the engine to the wheel and this give rise to a crushing experience. Automatic transmission shifts gears without any input from the driver. This saves a lot of time in trips. Besides, manual transmission is prone to human error. Automatic transmission helps to avoid unnecessary mistakes on the part of the drivers.

Push to Start Button, Time Savers:

Every time counts in a racing competition. In order to save time the manufacturers of racing cars introduce push button ignitions. This allows a driver to start a car without having to fumble with the ignition keys. This allows race cars to go faster than their completion. This has influenced speed in production cars. Some cars like Porsche also come with push button ignitions.


This is the feature that determines the stability of a car on the roads. It plays important role in the mobility of a car. The front and rear suspensions of a race car are independent of each other. There are production cars that have incorporated this feature into their car model. Independent suspension allows each auto wheel to move without affecting the other. This makes it possible to transfer all the power form the engines into the wheels.


High performance tires are employed in race cars and the tires are often tailored to the type of racing. This feature is being put to use in modern automobiles. For instance, NASCAR car employs the use of tires with very soft rubber. When the tires are heated, it increases the friction between the tires and the road surface. This results in a very tight grip which aids smooth movement. This is a feature that is useful in production of modern cars.


Ceramic brakes have been used in race cars than disc brakes. Racing technology is one driving force in automobile development. While many cars still use cast iron disc brakes, race cars uses materials that are lighter and durable. The brakes of race cars can be applied at any speed and a stop is always guaranteed.

Engine Air Intake:

This is like the breathing components of a car. There are some engines that perform better when the engine is cold. Engine air intake of race cars have been incorporated into some production cars and this has greatly improved their performance on the road and on long trips.

Dual Overhead Shafts:

This is also known DOHC. Engines have valves that let in air and release exhaust out. The presence of two shafts makes it easier to be completed with convenience as each will serve a purpose. Many production cars have now made use of dual shafts in new models of their cars.

New Materials:

Many new materials, such as Carbon Fiber are being put to use by race car manufacturers. The focus of introducing new materials is increased performance and faster movement.

Exterior Design:

Most of the exterior designs in race cars are not just for fun. Each of the exterior designs has the purpose they are serving. This has influenced the designs in many production automobiles.


Many safety technologies have been incorporated into race cars and most of these safety features are being used in many automobiles nowadays.

These ten top car technologies that came from racing have greatly impact every aspects of automobile production. The convenience and comfort that are derived from these features are making them desirable in modern automobiles.

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