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Monday, May 5, 2014

Volkswagen Scirocco get a face lift and LED Lights

Volkswagen Scirocco has been on sale since 2008. Many years after SW Scirocco has been on sale, it is still maintains its attractive look. During the present year, VW has just got some face lifts. This includes the tweaks that have been made to bumpers. LED lights have also been added on either end. This has increased the appearance of the VW Scirocco making it a 2014 model.

VW Scirocco is expected to get another revamp in the next two or three years. But the present changes will give a fresh appearance to the VW Scirocco until the next changes are due.

VW Scirocco is yet to be made available in the US. Many people have been on the lookout for its introduction to the US market. But this remains a dream for lovers of enticing coupe of VW Scirocco on US soil.

This is because unless VW has a rethink, this fantastic turbo changed and super changed 4-cylinder engine automobile is still out of the reach of US citizens. The reason for the decision manufacturer not to introduce it to US is still unknown considering the potential market that exists in the US soil.

Volkswagen Scirocco has been recently given revised engine line-up. This, of course, will improve fuel efficiency and it will also lower carbon (IV) oxide emissions.

The headlights have been stylishly modified. The bixenon unit option is now available. LED tail lights have been added to increase the beautiful appearance of the VW Scirocco.

Moreover, the cabin has been refreshed to give it a facelift. Other new features that have been recently added include revised air vents, new storage area that is very close to hand brake, redesign seat materials and aluminium trim flashes that is useful in brightening the dashboard.

You have two 2.0 litre diesel to choose from. The more powerful of the two is 181 bwp motor returns 65.7mpg and 111g/ km. There is also another one with 148bwp unit which gives combined fuel economy and Carbon (IV) oxide emissions of 68.9 mpg and 107g/km. The best of the changes come under the bonnet. The VW Scirocco engine line-up has been made more efficient and powerful 1.4 Tsi engine can be ordered with a dual clutch automatic gearbox

All these facelifts will no doubt re-brand VW Scirocco and it will surely increase the value in no small measure. The public is waiting in anticipation for the release of 2014 VW Scirocco model to the dealers.

Photo credit: Marc Urbano and Volkswagen

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